Tuesday, 1 October 2013

American Swan dream !!

It had been a busy hectic month, had so much of work from finding a new nest, work and much more to add on. In middle of all of this juggle, I received goodies from American Swan, all of you must be knowing about this brand. It's a brand which show cases all kind of products, ranging from apparel to homestyle, beauty products to accessories and much more. For more visit American Swan, you will have a better idea of what I am talking about. I have been in love with the shorts and this silver watch with a peachy touch, it has lived up to my expectation. and it has a nice feel to it. While going through their website, I was absolutely smitten by their whole Home and lifestyle products, it gives me that American feeling (smile). 

 The shorts I am wearing is ultimate, comfy enough to make me carry for a brunch or a hang out, this can be so 60s style too if worn with some sleeve blouse or victorian blouse (ruffle or lace). The whole white and blue horizontal pattern brings that Nautica touch as well, sail on it through the beach yaaay. 
                          Photo Credit : Sartaj Tanweer Photography 

             Wearing : Short & Watch American Swan, Top Lauren Conrad, Bally shoes owned by my sister, have no idea where she picked up.

Enjoy the American dream 

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