Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Space of improvement - another wiser year

Yet another scope of improvement (do I sound like corporate slave),  I never thought I would spent my special day this way, sounds very much dramatic. So my birthday was eventually not planned at all, though I had end up spending with my sis,her bf, my bf and frenz, thought rest of the world will not know about this particular day since I don't believed in setting up an alarm on social media just to get a wish. But what's really drawing is when I expect a least, something special turned up, yea this gorgeous friend of mine by name Anushka (yea that's how I called her, doesn't spell the same though). She pulled me off from my comfort zone to shop for my birthday, little did I know I will end up getting more surprises …. I mean who on earth would not like surprises. She and my love(bf)did a fab job on making me emotional about this year birthday…..waving off many sweet memories and more to knock future endeavours in our life. 
This would be the finest surprise so far, and I do hope to get more teeeeeheee,I did everything from being slosh, sing till my throat was gone, dance like no one was watching, eat like pig and what not :).
Location : A centric place in Namma Bengaluru Opus, yes since it fall on Sunday what better to kissed away one more glory year and welcoming the wiser me in Opus with Karaoke Night rolling …… it was madness with all the songs going down in each one of us….that strong content of madness reflected in our happiness of being there in that place.

Dress of the night : A very long lovely Yellowish Skirt with the sexy slit at side marked that edge look with my tough cropped top and that reddish gold shoes which I flicked from street market in awesome retail price make that whole loud talk.

Keep smiling 

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