Tuesday, 16 April 2013

My baby turns "one"

 Birthday - Little Dash Of Classic turns 1 year Old 

I am late by 2 days to celebrate but never the less, I am elated and very proud of the fact that "Dash Of Classic" has turned a BIG ONE.

I never knew this would take me so far, when I started off blogging in name of Fashion I definitely knew one thing - things get better when we share. I chose this medium, it opens up not only my passion but got me connected to many beautiful people. 
Oh Dash ! my baby, I am indeed so glad you were with me in these many stories of my life. Ever since you came to my life I have been so "FOCUSED", I so love you for bringing the numerous dimensions within me. Success means different things for different people, for me success means living up the dream small or big. Being with Dash Of Classic has been an amazing experience - with those shoots, locations, dresses,make-up,accessories,my photographers. Each one of us has played a vital role, the creation of this has been awesome and the OUTCOME has been exceptional. I saw my baby evolving as the time passed, from that small little nervous wreck to this confident girl who loves blogging and telling you her story.

Lots of hurdle to pass by - but extremely fruitful with all the efforts. Creativity was born all over again,what will I be without my "DOC"

Dash Of Classic - Super "One" xoxoxo


Anusha Outfitter said...

happy birthday, Dash of Classic! :)

DashOfClassic said...

Thanks love