Saturday, 5 May 2012

Color color


“The Look”

I got ready, wooohooo !!

Destination: Inside my Room
Yay, I do this madness often, pulling out cloths and going insane experimenting all kind of looks. This particular dress which I picked up from some random store (for a good amount of deal) I am completely in love with it.
Hmmmm , I will tell all the why factor .
Firstly the color is so rich, green with fitted black ribbon to highlight the waist part and make it look more feminine.
Secondly the Fabric is absolutely soft and so in for summer fashion
Thirdly the fitting is so sexy and it’s like a glove to my body.
I like to complete this look with little bling beads, my golden nude watch and my lovely crystal studded heels, so I am off for a lounge with my friends. Let’s lounge girls.

                    Thanks for Reading !! 

Love Gia xoxoxo


pooja elangbam said...

u r such a beauty! *jealous*

DashOfClassic said...

hahaha :) really