Friday, 27 April 2012

Beads story !

It's not just about junk of beads, but flaunting this beautiful piece of "Art ".
I love my beads, so stylish and I wear them with all kind of attire, name it,
just worked with everything . I have a meticulous eye for beads that show 
in every blog I write. This is like my latest fantastical collection and trust me
I am not even tired collecting more.

So, here is a little story on beads, I started liking so much when I travel recently 
to Sri Lanka. As a tourist I finally settled down to shop , as everyone suggested 
about this mall - a must visit place - ODEL . A mall with all famous brands inculding
Interestingly, I din't like any cloths was little disappointed :(, my eyes was stray wondering 
to get something out of it . Then my eye got stuck this small accessories corner - Backstage.
I never felt in love with beads before like I did when I saw the die - hard collection.
I almost wanted to pick up everything if I din't have budget constraint .You wont believe guys
post to this experienced I am beads fan. I eye for beads whenever I am out shopping and 
whenever I find those eye - catching beads I  just welcome them on my hand.
Over the years I was incomplete now I feel I have something to adorn with anything.

Folks keep some handful design of beads always for that last minute touch-up.
For now I am signing off - happy weekend .
Going for another round of Assam tea =)


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